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Drug against breast cancer is also highly potent against a frequent form of leukaemia

Cancer cells have an abnormal cell division and survival machinery -- they grow faster than they die.

Early MRI screening reduces risk of breast cancer death for survivors of childhood Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Researchers at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre have confirmed in a screening effectiveness study that early screening with MRIs can reduce breast cancer mortality for female survivors of childhood...

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia mutations suggest new uses of existing cancer drugs

Genetic tests revealed mutations to help predict success of drugs originally developed for melanoma and breast cancer.

Targeting protein homeostasis holds potential to treat solid tumors and blood cancers

The success of proteasome inhibitors such as VELCADE® (bortezomib) and Kyprolis® (carfilzomib) for the treatment of multiple myeloma has shown that protein homeostasis, which is how cells...

Unassuming ‘Swiss Army knife’-like protein key to new cancer drug’s therapeutic action

Adaptor protein NSD3-short helps researchers explain anti-leukemia drug's powerful effects.