Private health institutions

Private health institutions consists mostly of individual specialists working under a company/brand usually consisting of specialists in one field such as medical oncologists groups or surgical groups. They may form loose alliance with specialists in other area such as surgeons or radiation oncologists to promote multi-disciplinary care often under the brand name of their parent hospital.

Private specialists provide high quality care to well-heeled Singaporeans and foreigners and they form an important part of Singapore medical services. Most of these specialist have their own websites where you can peruse before deciding on whom you want to visit. Click HERE to find a list of the “best breast surgeons in Singapore”.

For construction post breast surgery or other breast plastic surgery needs. See here for a list of the “Best breast plastic surgeons in Singapore“.

Gleneagles Hospital     Gleneagles Hospital

       Mt. Elizabeth Hospital 

       Raffles Hospital

       Mount Alvernia Hospital




Parkway Cancer Centre

Oncocare Logo       OncoCare Cancer Centre

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