Public health institutions

National Centres

The National Centres are the top tier Institution for cancer care in Singapore. They house a complete team of medical professionals and ancillary staff under one roof to provide seamless care for cancer patients. In addition to service, they are also the country’s leading research and education facilities and have the best access to drugs and technologies in cancer care.



National Cancer Centre of Singapore

As a national and regional centre of excellence, we are committed to excellence in research, education and clinical services. At NCCS, we adopt a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to cancer treatment. We undertake training and education of medical, radiation and surgical oncologists and other allied health personnel to develop relevant clinical and basic research programmes in the understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.”




The goal of the National University Cancer Institute, Singapore (NCIS) is to provide comprehensive yet personalised care for each and every patient incorporating cancer awareness, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. With the patient being the focus of all our programmes, sound medical knowledge and advanced technology are combined with the human touch of specialist doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in innovative ways to fight cancer together.


Public Hospitals

These public hospitals usually have sub-specialized teams of surgeons to take care of breast cancer patients. They often work closely with the National Centres to provide multi-disciplinary care for breast cancer patients in Singapore.

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