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       Breast Cancer Foundation

Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) is a non-profit charity organisation, established in October 1997. Under the leadership of its Patron, Mayor (Mrs) Yu-Foo Yee Shoon and her dedicated, enthusiastic executive committee comprising mostly lay people and some medical professionals, BCF’s mission is to:

Eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening disease

Breast cancer is curable if detected early. BCF hopes that by raising awareness of breast cancer and encouraging women to screen themselves regularly, breast cancer will be detected earlier and the chances of surviving the disease will be greatly enhanced.

       Singapore Cancer Society

The Singapore Cancer Society is a self-funded voluntary health organisation that depends on public donations to fund all its services and programmes. The Society is endorsed by the Ministry of Health and is a member of the National Council of Social Service. For the past 47 years, the Society has helped countless needy patients and pushed the cancer cause in Singapore through it many programmes and services.

       Reach to Recovery

Reach to Recovery (RTR) is a breast cancer support group under the umbrella of Singapore Cancer Society. This programme aims to help women cope with their life challenges brought about by a diagnosis of breast cancer. Most of the women involved in the programme have lived through breast cancer, giving their time to provide a listening ear and share their experience to help another woman in her journey to achieve full recovery. Membership is voluntary and free. Join in the support or to find out more, call 6421 5828 or email to

       SGH Breast Cancer Support Group 

The Breast Cancer Support Group was formed by volunteers to provide counselling and psychological support for breast cancer patients, their family and caregivers. Members work closely with the Reach to Recovery Support Group of the Singapore Cancer Society to plan and facilitate programmes. The Breast Care Support Group meets monthly and is led by Breast Care Nurse Clinician, Mdm N. Saraswathi. She can be reached at Tel: 6321 4474 for inquiries.

Pink paddlers

Pink Paddlers – the story :

They come in all shapes and sizes. They could be your mother, your daughter, your sister, your girlfriend, your wife… even you.

Ranging from a 65 year-old school principal to a biker chick, half the ladies couldn’t even swim, but still picked up the paddles to form Singapore’s FIRST BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS DRAGONBOAT team : They’ve found strength in being in the same boat, racing against the same disease.

In September 2006, these ladies came together to compete against other fellow survivors from all over the world, in the first-ever Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat World Championship – right here in Singapore.

evan bras

This website is dedicated to patients and their loved ones who would like know more about breast reconstruction or would like to know where to get help and support in Singapore.

Breast reconstruction can be the important next step in recovery and overall healing. However, we recognize it is no easy decision. One can feel overwhelmed having to take in and assimilate so much information after having just received life changing news.

With the information presented on this website we hope it will be easier for you to have a meaningful discussion with your surgical team about your options for treatment and an informed decision based decision on your needs, desires and expectations.

We would also like this to be a portal for you to get in touch with someone who has previously been in your situation.


     ***     For Professionals     ***     

       Singapore Society of Oncology

The Singapore Society on Oncology (SSO), founded in 1981, is a professional medical organization for all Singapore healthcare professionals who treat and manage cancer patients. The aim of the SSO is to provide an active platform to promote the practice of oncology through education, research, collaborations and partnerships with allied local, regional and international organizations. The SSO is committed to providing CME and other opportunities for our cancer medical and nursing specialist community to further enhance their knowledge, skills and expertise in the rapidly changing practice of oncology. Where relevant or necessary, the SSO will also represent the views of the Society and its members in public forums and debate.

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