Cellular Classification of Breast Cancer

The following is a list of breast cancer histologic classifications.[1] Infiltrating or invasive ductal cancer is the most common breast cancer histologic type and comprises 70% to 80% of all cases.

  • Carcinoma, NOS (not otherwise specified). 
  • Ductal.
    • Intraductal (in situ).
    • Invasive with predominant intraductal component.
    • Invasive, NOS.
    • Comedo.
    • Inflammatory.
    • Medullary with lymphocytic infiltrate.
    • Mucinous (colloid).
    • Papillary.
    • Scirrhous.
    • Tubular.
    • Other.


  • Lobular.
    • In situ.
    • Invasive with predominant¬†in situ¬†component.
    • Invasive.[2]


  • Nipple.
    • Paget disease, NOS.
    • Paget disease with intraductal carcinoma.
    • Paget disease with invasive ductal carcinoma.


  • Other.
    • Undifferentiated carcinoma.


    The following are tumor subtypes that occur in the breast but are not considered to be typical breast cancers:

    • Phyllodes tumor.[3,4]
    • Angiosarcoma.
    • Primary lymphoma.